Brincliffe co Housing Community




Brincliffe Co Housing Commumity

Prior to their appointment by On the Brink
Co Housing (OTB) in 2014, Tatlow Stancer
Architects had supported members of the
group looking for a suitable property to
develop into a Cohousing Community.

Cohousing is an intentional community of
private homes clustered around a shared
space with communal facilities.

Sheffield City Council has supported OTB
to include a wider demographic of housing
provision in Nether Edge. The 17 current
members of OTB are predominantly long
term Sheffield residents, covering a range
of income groups, ages, ethnicities, and
including families and children.

Situated in Nether Edge Conservation Area,
Brincliffe House was originally built as a
large family residence in 1852, extended in
the 1970s and 1980s to accommodate office

The sustainable philosophy developed by
OTB and Tatlow Stancer Architects aims to
reuse and refurbish the existing building,
bringing it back into residential use following
a long period serving as an NHS office facility.
Affordability for the members, including
shared ownership, was a key requirement of
the project brief.

The brief included the creation of eleven
1-3-bedroom apartments, providing single
person accommodation through to family
homes. To make the proposals viable the
feasibility study concluded that the second
floor roof space needed to be developed.
Major structural alterations have brought
the roof void into use. South facing ’podlike’
extensions replace two former dormers
enlarging the second floor accommodation.
The brief proposed all flats had access to
external spaces, which is achieved through
use of existing flat roofs for large balconies
and terraces, both private and communal.
The proposals incorporate a communal
meeting area and kitchen, providing facilities
for the group to engage with the wider
community. The existing staircase is extended
up to the new second floor, and a new lift
provides access to all floors, including the
new basement laundry.