This single storey Eco house was completed in 2022 for Private residential clients. The new build property has two large bedrooms, a spacious open plan kitchen and dining area, living room, music room and art studio all wrapped around a courtyard area.

The client was particularly environmentally conscious so a key design factor in the brief of the building was sustainability. The building utilised a fabric first approach with a well-insulated envelope. A green roof, underfloor heating, MVHR and an air source heat pump also feature in the finished property.

The façade of the building is mainly constructed out of pitched faced natural stone, to match the properties in the surrounding area, with zinc cladding above the window line, in order to give the building a more modern look. Glazing is a key component of the design, particularly used to frame the courtyard, and provide generous amounts of natural light to living spaces.

Contextually, the property is located in the Nether Edge Conservation Area which provided various challenges and meant an iterative design development process was required. Working closely with the clients has created a sensitive design that fulfils their modest yet challenging needs, whilst enhancing the historic and cultural value of the conservation area.