On The Brink Co-housing – Phase 2





Following the successful completion of Phase 1 at Brincliffe House, Tatlow Stancer Architects were invited to work with the On The Brink Co-Housing group to develop a strategy for Phase 2 in the development of the co-housing community.

This involved the creation of four new-build dwellings within the grounds of Brincliffe House – three, two-storey townhouses connected to the existing converted Victorian-era villa, and a separate lodge house located close to the site entrance.

Given the sensitive nature of the site within the Nether Edge Conservation Area, the development was subject to a rigorous, iterative design process in conjunction with the client group. Natural stone and ashlar are used to produce contemporary details which reflect the Victorian structure in proportion and scale.

A communal roof terrace sits atop the townhouses, access to which is provided via three mechanically-opening skylights, which flood light through into the depths of each new-build home.