Extension With 2 Storey Conservatory


Sheffield, Botanical Gardens



Private House Botanical Conservatory

The scheme consists of a 2 storey botanical conservatory extension to the rear of the property. A solid brick element abuts the existing house providing access from the kitchen out onto a balcony and double height space. Beyond this the sloping roof of the glazed conservatory structure encloses the staircase to the lower level & opens to the garden. In addition to providing an area for the client to sit and look down upon the planting and further to the garden, the balcony also supports a tiled wet room with shower and toilet.

Carbon reducing measures to the property include a solar thermal hot water system, photovoltaic cells to the existing roof, and the conservatory improves passive solar gain to the south facing elevation. The flat roofed area above the balcony has an extensive green roof with a substrate depth selected by the client to enable him to specify and supply his own planting scheme. Rainwater from the new build and part of the existing house is now harvested providing water for plants and supplying the newly created pond. Materials and fittings were kept to a minimum and were specified as recyclable where this could be achieved.